Monday, August 8, 2011

Colorful, Artsy Afternoon

Steel reproduction of a wooden sculpture by Marvin Finn in Louisville, KY
I know I said I'd be posting more fibery stuff, but the other day was just too fun not to mention and archive here! My husband needed to go to Louisville, and I was glad to go along since our friend Marti was going to be there. (More on that....)
I had just read about an art garden along the Ohio River waterfront that featured reproductions in steel of a favorite Kentucky folk artist's work, so we went to check that out first. My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Marvin Finn in his apartment many years ago, and I was really pleased to see the recognition that the city of Louisville has given his legacy.
Then we walked to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft to see Marti and her art car on display. Not JUST Marti and the car, but also her rather-famous miniature horse, Iota McHippus (Io for short, and yes he has his very own popular facebook page) that rides along in his own colorfully-painted mini horse trailer!
Io's trailer, sorry I forgot to photograph the Happy Art Car!
Marti loves to spread joy with Io and his colorful personality as a catalyst, and as you can see everyone loved them both!
We had fun looking at the other art cars, and went through the awesome exhibit at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.
Gourd art by internationally-renowned Frankfort artist, Jennifer Zing
Before we headed off to her favorite Peruvian restaurant, our daughter had her face painted. It was such a fun and lively afternoon!
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