Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My first art fair turned out to be a fantastic experience for me, extremely fulfilling personally and as an artist. There, I said it, I'm finally starting to believe it (that I AM a fiber artist). A few years ago, I did an online art class with a very fun and inspiring young woman named Suzi Blu. Her funky videos, where she made you feel as if she was right in the room with you, often give a very strong message that everyone can be an artist, so I decided right then that I would embrace that thought.
My incredibly positive artist friend, Marti McGinnis, has taught and inspired me a lot creatively, too. She espouses the concept of focused intentions, whereby you visualize your goals and hold them in your mind (or even literally in a concrete form) until you reach them. Here's a great example of her inspiring and "Happy Art."
Artwork by Marti McGinnis, one of my heroes!
I gave myself permission this past year or so to take more time for creativity, and as I did I realized how incredibly GOOD and right I felt when I was in that "zone," so I chose to do it more and more. The economy has made it more challenging to make money with the farm, so it made sense to try to earn some income with my fiber art as well... and felting has become my true passion.
This first show I was juried into as an "emerging artist" is pretty prestigious, and I was intimidated when I first got to look around at the other booths of top-notch professional artists. Sales started out slowly, but as Saturday went on I kept getting a lot of nice feedback and the sales increased, too! It felt great to have my work admired and to expose people to handmade felt, and I have a new appreciation for the fact that everyone has very different ideas for what is "art", and that's a good thing! Some people would take a glance and walk right by my booth, others would enter excitedly and compliment nearly everything. One woman asked me if I would be interested in having a trunk show for her bank friends, and other potential opportunities arose as well. By the end of Sunday, I had met my sales goal almost exactly to the penny, how cool is that?
Suddenly I have more ideas than ever for new projects and concepts, and I'm investigating other art venues. I'm very grateful for the affirmations of friends, my parents, Mary from Damselfly Gallery who has affirmed me, and others that are encouraging me on this path!
I hope to be scheduling a few classes in July, so check back soon for more information.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time is my friend!

Felted vase with glass insert
I'll probably be eating these words this time next week when I'm desperately getting ready for the Francisco's Farm Art Festival with lots of last-minute stuff to do, but for now it's all pretty good! Both kids have been at camp this week, the first time that's EVER happened, so I'm really getting to do what I want to do without distractions, trips to town, and other things pulling at my time and creative mindset. (Of course I treasure my kids, and I have had twinges of empty nest foreshadowing for when they get a little older, but still...its great to have a break, especially when I need the "space" right now). After a great riding outing and overnight with friends, I was happy for an entire day of listening to Pandora, without having to share ANY stations! (Listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow's station ALL day!)
Felted vase (alpaca and other fibers) with glass insert
I feel that this art show has given me a big push to come up with a "critical mass" of work and it's really made me focus, and try to improve, and to truly stretch. I guess that's exactly what the organizers are trying to do by including "emerging artists" like myself. It's made me feel like I really kind of am... an artist!
Wine bottle huggers of wool, alpaca, copper glitz
If it happens to be really hot next weekend, it'll be hard to interest visitors in garments (even the lightweight nuno shawls and scarves), so I've tried to create more true art pieces and functional items. Here's a sampling of some more new stuff!
Wall hangings from Shelby the sheep's lovely locks of wool
I'm already excited to see what tomorrow brings, I've got some newly-dyed silk and merino ready, and will be using some of the gorgeous long Wensleydale locks that I ordered from Namaste Farm as well. At least I stepped out of the turquoise and purple color pallete... for a while anyway!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've been REALLY busy felting lately (getting ready for the Francisco's Farm Art Festival), too busy to blog! You can check out some of my new creations here (just click, it will take you to Facebook, you don't have to be a member to look at the album of photos!). More soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I'm off for a riding adventure with some friends and then will really be putting my nose to the grindstone in my studio....
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