Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Fiber Fun

Donna, myself and Cheryl with our finished fitted felt pieces

My Cleveland friends and I had our 3rd annual fiber retreat a few weeks ago, and I have to say it was the best yet!  January has become, surprisingly, one of my favorite months since there are few obligations, plenty of studio time, and the retreat to anticipate and enjoy.  I don't even mind winter weather, as I'm pretty content to stay inside (by late February and March, I'll be changing my tune!)
Madeline rust-dyeing

At the retreat, we always teach each other what we've learned over the year, and this time Cheryl and Donna were eager to try out the a fitted jacket/tunic/dress using the technique they had just learned at a demonstration clinic.  The math involved in calculating measurements and shrinkage was not nearly as daunting as I thought it might be, and all three of us had successful projects!
Me with a rust-dyed scarf

Other friends of theirs spent smaller amounts of time coming and going, and we did some experimenting/playing with rust dyeing, eco-dyeing, and snow dyeing!  SO. MUCH.  FUN.  I've continued doing some of these dyeing activities at home and even took along supplies to do snow dyeing with my parents on a recent weekend visit.  They had a blast!

 Donna with a rust-dyed scarf

 Cheryl and Donna with a snow-dyed silk piece

A silk scarf with combined eco-print and rust dyeing

Snow-dyeing with my parents, drying the silk by the fireplace

I've been felting, too, and have been creating more "art"pieces since the weather in Kentucky turns some people off wool wearables, even the lightweight nuno felt.  Here is a piece that my parents "commissioned"for their home.
The wall piece I made for my parent's home

 Another recent wall piece that will be available at The Collective

I've been doing a LOT of photography, too, watch for some of that to come in the next few days. I am completely addicted to Instagram, a photo-sharing social network for mobile photography- have you checked it out yet?  

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