Friday, February 17, 2012

My Green Phase

I definitely get stuck on certain colors or color combinations from time to time in my fiber work, this time it's green! (My newest hat can be found in my Etsy store).   I guess it's my annual desire for spring, though we have hardly had a winter at all!  (That could change this weekend, according to the forecast for Sunday in Kentucky!)
What's funny is that we are undergoing a kitchen re-do (updating after 20 years in our home... this is the last time you'll see the light blue formica countertops in the background of my photos).  The cabinets have been painted a green called Olive Sprig, then lightly glazed- LOVE them!
My honey gave me this lovely plant for Valentine's Day- the green foliage is prettier than the flowers themselves.
When Hoss and I take our woods walks, I'm always on the lookout for green.... here, moss-covered rocks piled up on the hill.... I always wonder who stacked them there, how long ago, and why?
Now I'm off to my studio to work... and after writing this I can't stop noticing the green!
 Daffodils soon to bloom by the studio...
 A lichen-covered stick on the steps...
And more precious green fiber!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

On a hat splurge!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to join some friends for another great retreat filled with fun and fiber.  My friend Marti sums it up well here on her blog, with a beautiful video of our escapades.  The photos taken around our weekend "home" at Shakertown really convey the serenity of the setting!  We stayed in the beautiful Brick Tanyard house, and despite rumors of it being haunted the only spirit presence felt there was one of a friendly cat jumping on someone's bed!
I haven't been in much of a knitting mood lately, which is fine as I've enjoyed concentrating on my feltmaking.  It was a little awkward at first to do wet felting in a room of people who were mostly sitting and spinning or knitting, but I soon got in a groove.  I started making hats and then couldn't stop!  Sadly, the first one and the one for which I spent the most time (above) by far didn't meet my standards....  I was playing with using cotton for some nuno instead of silk and I love the effect (around the band of the pillbox), but I kept making the crown part too flimsy despite 3 attempts! Oh, well....

These hats and a few more are now in my Etsy store.  I'm trying, really trying to get things up in there, and have added some other new items as well!  Have a great weekend, everyone :)

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