Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making time for Art

The past weekend is already feeling like a blur, as we have all been on such a treadmill lately due to the nature of springtime on a farm, end-of-school-year activities, "Christmas" season in Paul's business, alpaca shows, and the unexpected "Murphy's Law" hitches that always just come along as part of life.

The Futurity Show and Sale went fairly well for us, with both of our auction animals sold to great farms and some ribbons won in the exceedingly tough competition. The fundraising banquet for the charity in which I'm involved, Quechua Benefit, went really well and was lots of fun, too! Unfortunately my camera disappeared that evening, along with the memory card which had oodles of great photos from the evening. DARN! I just had my laptop back and working smoothly with a new hard-drive (replaced by HP), and now this?

After an exhaustive search and calls to the hotel, I admitted the loss, kicked myself heartily, and bit the bullet to buy a new camera since I use it nearly every day. I looked hard at the Cannon's, but my comfort level and satisfaction with Sony led me to purchasing the SONY Cybershot DSC H50 with 15X zoom. I hope to post my first photos from it promptly!

Yesterday I drove on an all-day field trip with Mirian's class to the Cincinnati Art Museum, a favorite place to visit. These photos were taken on my phone's camera so excuse the quality, but I loved the originals enough to want to bring a little bit home with me to share with you! The diversity at that beautiful museum is truly impressive, and such a credit to Cincinnati which has a long history of valueing art and culture.

The variety ranged from a real Egyptian mummy.... classic paintings (I like the one below because it included some knitting in this very domestic scene)

to folk art (Minnie Adkins is a treasured Kentucky artist and I'm proud to own a few of her pieces)

to masterpieces by Monet, Van Gogh and other famous Impressionists.
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