Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to see... at Bybee!

Yes, I'm back! My writer's block may be thawing slightly (plus my computer has been fixed to nearly peak performance), and I have much more written in store for tomorrow with a recap of 2009. I couldn't resist a quick mention of my stop today at Bybee Pottery (Bybee/Waco, KY) while on my way to pick up our son at church camp in Eastern Kentucky.
I've always loved Kentucky's Bybee pottery pieces for their simplicity and traditional, somewhat primitive appearance. I hadn't realized that the Pottery celebrated 200 years in operation this year, with the same location used throughout to make their hand-thrown pottery with local clay.
If you visit, it's best to arrive early when shelves are stocked on "either Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Monday and Thursday". Call the week before you visit for best shopping days. Serious shoppers arrive before their opening time of 8 AM. Tours are encouraged, and I enjoyed taking a few minutes to meander through the place.
While I was meandering around, the phone rang. I heard the owner say, "No thanks," and then mutter, "We don't need no web page, if people haven't found us in 200 years they're not gonna!" So, no web link here, but you can call ahead at (859)369-5350. Yep, I did leave with a small haul- a baking dish, 8 cereal/dessert bowls, and 4 ramekins... for $21.00, can't beat it AND it's LOCAL (gotta love that!).

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Dianne MacDonald said...

Glad to see you're back! Bybee is fun. I've done that getting there before they open thing and it is crazy! Sort of like a stampede when the doors open!

Deb W said...

I've never had the nerve to try the 'mash' of people grabbing stuff off the shelves. Gulp!

What color(s) did you get? Did you buy everything in the same color/pattern?

Loco Lindy said...

Actually, I'm not sure that the big crowds turn out there like they used to- there was still quite a bit of inventory when I went by at around 10 AM. An article that I turned up about Bybee's 200 year anniversary said that one day when they opened the doors at 8, nobody was there- this makes me a little sad. I've decided that I just may stock up on some more Bybee- I gravitate toward their greens and blues (mixed pieces), also like the blue/white speckled. Wish they had an orange shade. I'd encourage you to go!