Monday, April 11, 2011

All over the place!

If this blog seems to hop all over the place, it's because that's how life has been lately! We did get to Florida for spring break, the first time my husband has ever gotten away for the whole time with the kids. Siesta Key is as beautiful as I remember, and hadn't changed a whole lot in the 25 or more years since I'd been there.
We also enjoyed an afternoon at Venice Beach, looking for fossilized shark's teeth. I found two small ones, the kids mostly enjoyed the sand and surf. They got along GREAT on this trip and handled the long drive there perfectly, too. It made for a very pleasant time.
This is who we saw on one long walk on Siesta Beach! He drew a crowd, as you might expect.
The sunset also drew an enthusiastic crowd. There's just something awe-inspiring about watching that huge burning orb drop into the ocean before your eyes, even though it occurs every single day.
I also got to see a long-lost friend from the neighborhood where we lived when I was in junior high and high school. We've been writing for the past year or so, our lives having gone very different directions. It was great to see him and introduce him to the family.

There has been a LOT going on at the farm, will post about our new cria and hope to have lambs as well in the next few days so check back soon!
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WonderWhyGal said...

oooh, the beach looks so relaxing. I promised my family we would go someplace warn next year for break.

Loco Lindy said...

The trip overall turned out to be not-so-relaxing (due to some "work" that we couldn't leave behind), but walking on the beach is one of my favorite modes of relaxation. Hope you can get away next year, Andrea.