Sunday, September 18, 2011

Midway Fall Festival 2011

I've been felting like crazy, and actually look forward to a little break from it this week, hoping to ride and get out in the woods.  This weekend is the Midway Fall Festival, one of my favorite events of the year and a great way to kick off fall!  Sales were strong at my booth yesterday, and I ended the day by selling the scarf above right off my neck, to a woman from Chicago.

A handmade book maker stopped at my booth- she liked my books and I asked for her advice on pricing.  She advised me to go a bit higher, and would you believe that I sold this one for the higher price right after she left?  In the few minutes I had time to walk around, I went to see her booth, and her books were amazing, all made from recycled leather and burlap coffee bags and old books.  The quality of booths at Midway seems to be better this year, with some very nice jewelry (but still a bit too much of it), recycled felt items, wine tasting, quilts, and of course the obligatory turkey legs (yum) and kettle corn.  The hours today are 11-5, come on out (and be sure to stop at our booth to see Finn the llama and Dacoma the alpaca).
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Clasheen said...

Fabulous scarf and book Lindy, how I wish I could be there too. Maybe next year???!!!

Keri said...

That looks like fun. Glad you had a a good day.