Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simply Ten

Dewy spider web on morning hike
I've been a bit lazy and un-motivated lately, haven't felt like blogging or felting (my artist friend Marti says I'm "percolating".  What I have done, however is start a good walking routine, (8 days now!) of hiking into the woods behind our home.  It is truly amazing the daily treasures and changes that I observe and discover, and I've been trying to take my camera along each time.
 Morning Magic in the woods
Since I couldn't come up with another topic, I thought I'd copy the Simply Ten format that Amanda from Soule Mama uses on occasion.  These photos represent observations, discoveries, news, or just things I'm thankful for!
 Blue jay feather
This reminds me of a collective stitching/embroidery site called The Magic Feather Project- I won't describe it here now, just check out the very beautiful blog. I hope to participate, and know that many of you probably would, too.
 This fungi looked like something that should be on the Great Barrier Reef- so beautiful!
 Evening hike with Munchie
 Healthy young alpacas from the past year, we have 4 in the due barn now! 
That's Forrest Gump in the middle
 The hedge apples are huge this year, that's good because there are more deer than ever to eat them.
 Newly-hatched butterfly- anybody know how to tell the difference between a monarch and viceroy?
Our new pup, a labradoodle, that we'll be getting in about a month.  Very excited!
 Cherry tomatoes in our upside down planter are finally producing

How's that for a random mix of Simply Ten?
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Kaylen said...

Love the pictures! Will head over to The Magic Feather blog. I believe Viceroys have a black line across their back wings and Monarchs do not. I just went to a butterfly workshop at the library :)

Loco Lindy said...

Thanks, Kaylen. I tried to tell from looking at other photos, but I'm still not sure. I do know that it was beautiful!

Loco Lindy said...

My brother Andy, who is quite a naturalist, told me that the yellow fungus is Sulphur Fungus, and that it is very edible! I looked it up, and it's supposed to taste like chicken which I find really funny. Think I may have to go cut off a piece to try :)