Friday, January 6, 2012


I took a few weeks off from felting to "percolate" (letting the ideas simmer and swirl) as a friend calls it... it was a bit hard to get started again, but I think I'm back in the groove now! I really want to take some time this next month to do more experimenting and to just ENJOY the process, with no heed for schedules, art fairs and such.
I made a few hats yesterday and enjoyed working with some of my favorite colors. I really love the way the colors turned out in this part, felting always presents surprises!  I'd gotten away from using these colors, but I've been sucked right back in!  (I have a baby blanket to work on, these will definitely be included!)
This piece is still in progress, I'm just enjoying the heck out of the embroidery, and for some reason I just wanted to make lots of "craters" last weekend.  I have no idea what I'll do with the other piece quite yet.

This one has a ways to go.

Stay tuned for a lot more felting experiments in 2012, it's going to be a great year!
P.S.  This photo is in the running for a Cute Cria photo contest on Facebook- if you like it, please click on  this facebook link and Like it to vote- we could win free shearing for our entire herd!!!!

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Dutch Hollow Acres said...

Oh cool! It looks like felted cheese!

WonderWhyGal said...

See! Here is another way to sneak sewing in on me ;-) I LOVE these projects. The embroidery is simply gorgeous. Your work is beautiful and I am super jealous every time you go away to your felting retreats but always super eager to see what you create.

I voted for your photo because it's one of the best cria photos I've seen in this contest. Good luck!

Loco Lindy said...

Lol on the cheese! Makes me want to do more in cheesy colors now! Andrea, we'll get hooked up at a felting treat one of these days! You'll find more time to get away as your kids et a little older, and we'll have fun :). Thanks for voting for our photo!!!

Heather Woollove said...

Lindy--These projects are awesome, and I especially love the little bead that looks like a mouse taking a walk and the spiral crater one!!

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Love the embellishments on these pieces. That would be a great workshop - learning to do embellishments on felted projects. (just sayin')

Loco Lindy said...

Heather, the bead is a paper bead that I made, don't know why it inspired a mouse but glad you saw it that way,too. Dianne, I don't consider myself an expert on the embellishments on felt but do know I enjoy it!!!!

Dawn Edwards said...

Good morning Lindy,

Your percolating returned some fantastic results! I, too, love the embroidery, beading, craters...Marvelous!!!

Happiest of New Year's wishes to you Lindy.

Patty Biermans said...

I just found your blog and I like it already :))! Your hats are great and I'm looking foreward to see more of your feltworks.. hugzz...peebee