Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Spring Goodness

Morel Mushrooms, by Ted Kooser, U.S. Poet Laureate

Softly they come
thumbing up from
firm ground

protruding unharmed.
Easily crumbled
and yet

how they shouldered
the leaf and mold
aside, rising

breathing obscurely,
still as stone.

By the slumping log,
by the dappled aspen,
they grow alone.

A dumb eloquence
seems their trade.
Like hooded monks

in a sacred wood
they say:
Tomorrow we are gone.

I still haven't gotten over just what a beautiful spring it is, and there's no where better than the farm to enjoy it.  I finally have the secret to finding morel mushrooms!   Wanna know?  Look EVERY DAY.  This year I've taken woods walks almost ever day, and I think this was the key to such a great haul.  We enjoyed these over a nice dinner with friends before we watched the NCAA Men's Basketball game the other night (which, ahem, Kentucky won!)
I've just been more tuned to the changing foliage in the woods, never two days the same and always something new to discover.

 These baby ducks are rouens, which we bought from a pond expert- they are supposed to help cut down the algae on our pond, and they'll add to the overall farm environment!  For now, our daughter is having a lot of fun with them, putting them in the koi pond to swim, and leading them around.

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