Monday, July 23, 2012

A Long Summer....

I haven't felt much like writing this summer, and I've been pretty busy with the kids, but since I'm tired of looking at that last post I thought I'd at least put up some photos!  These are a little self-serving, they'll be a good reminder to me of some of the past few months...  

I've been a bit tied down, and have especially enjoyed playing around with photography this summer...  there is always a lot of good content here on the farm, and I have gotten addicted to Instagram (you can follow me- I'm Alpacalindy) and various mobile photo apps, so fun!  I recently bought my first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel 550D 2ti.  I'm loving it, and I hope to improve greatly on the photos I post here!  

I've also done quite a bit of felting, and I plan to share some of recent big projects soon, including a couple of butterfly shawls and a special baby blanket.

Mirian with Plum Pretty at AOBA Nationals in late May- she is available for sale!  (PP, not Mirian!)
We've had a lot of good family time.....
I've gotten some trail riding in despite the horrible heat! It's been fun to have Hoss come along.
We got to meet my new grand-nephew! Robert is practicing to be an uncle soon (and Paul and I are going to be grandparents!)
Nearby horse farms provide great subjects for playing with photo apps!
Jeffrey the lamb is finally off his bottle!
Everybody is growing... kids, lambs, and Hoss who is almost not a pup anymore!

We've had quite a few llama treks, despite the hot weather!  Here, Bob and Leo...
I've been making some big art shawls!

I hope that you have had a good summer, too!  

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Ginny Huber said...

Hi Fiber Cuz: You are almost converting me to Instagram as these are cool, indeed. "Self-serving"?. isn't everything self-serving ultimately. Anyway, even if you don't ahve that belief, it is nice to see what you are up to. I am aiming to be blogging ( reorganizing my on line persona more again and following folks more again.. so I happened to see this posting and I am glad, both that you posted it and that I moseyed by!

Terrie said...

Wonderful effects of the photos. Painting like. Congrats to you being grandparent. Gorgeous baby

Ali said...

You have been busy Lindy - Love all your photos!
Your art shawls are fabulous!
Ali x

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

So glad to see you back! Your photos are great and I'm glad you're enjoying the new camera.