Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Break

This has been a truly beautiful summer, and I have to keep pinching myself and trying to remember at those rare times when the kids are driving me crazy.... these ARE the good 'ole days. Not too much going on with the farm that I need to tend to minute-to-minute with my two great helpers, Jamie and Steve, and I'm trying to avoid burnout by taking some vacation time myself at the same time that Paul does (yeah, right!) ... attempting to stop and smell the flowers a little more.
Walking out in the pastures always brings excitement as I check out my potential fall show string- this is our best cria crop yet! (Yeah, I know I always say that, but that's as it should be, constantly trying to improve our herd). This is one of several sentimental favorites, Big Brown (born on Kentucky Derby Day, of course!). We've had 17 crias born this year, with almost that many more due in the fall. I'm usually ready for a break from all that dam-watching by this time of year (most don't need help birthing, but we try to be there for each in case there is a problem). Having newly-installed barn-cams really made the job easier this year, as we could check everybody from the house via the internet!
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