Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheep Thrills

I love spring on the farm when I can take the time to smell the flowers and admire the babies (and I'm trying hard to ignore the knee-high grass in places!). The other day I picked up 4 Aracauna chicks at a feed store to add to our thriving little flock of laying hens. Aracaunas are one of a few types that lay blue eggs, and I've always wanted some!
Of course, Mirian needed to get acquainted with them and give them all names.We're enjoying Mirian's sheep- her ewe is Pepper and the lambs are Shelby and Pepe. Pepe apparently got stepped on by his mother and has had a bum leg, but the vet ruled out a break and he finally seems a little better today.We had a beautiful cria (full Accoyo fawn male) born while I was gone to the Futurity Alpaca Show and Auction in Oklahoma City (read about it here), and Paul and the kids did a fabulous job with the extra care he required due to being a little small and weak and a few weeks early. Mirian even tube-fed him before he was strong enough to nurse on his own. He's doing fine now, and has tentatively been named San Francisco.In other news, our horse Gringo has foundered. This is my first time to learn first-hand about this somewhat common but serious equine ailment, and all indications are that he'll be okay but will need lots of TLC, stall rest, vet care and a set of $275 shoes which he got today...... um, yeah.

Tomorrow is one of the best days of the year to live in Kentucky, Cross Country Day at the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event! Can't wait and will report back with pictures. Pin It Now!


Marti said...

$275 shoes - Welcome to Mumu-Land! I joke to anyone who will listen that if I could spend on me what I spend on mumu's shoes every 6 weeks John Fluvog (hipster shoes designer) would know me by name!

Loco Lindy said...

Believe me, Marti, I thought of you and MuMu when I wrote THAT check today! Good thing that Gringo is such a great horse and takes such good care of all that ride him, such as yourself!