Tuesday, May 4, 2010

After the Storms

View from the studio window
We ended up having around 10 inches of rain here over two days of Derby weekend, and with it came the flash flooding over our local roads, water running through our older barns, and general soppiness that comes with it.And now, under the most pristine of blue skies, the Kentucky River is still rising as all of the little creeks and ponds overflow into it, and is expected to crest at noon today at around 41 feet. We are on the same pool as Frankfort, and the people there and in the small communities on either side of us are dealing with the miserable reality of having a muddy river invade their homes. Our hearts go out to them, as well as people we know in the Nashville, TN area that are dealing with even worse devastation.

We have experienced this here before, and knew to keep an eye on the small bridge approaching our home as it has been underwater from the river backing up during previous floods. Mirian was home sick yesterday, and we went down hourly to watch the water rise by our bridge, finding it really intriguing but also being aware of it's perils. Paul and I parked our vehicles on the opposite side, and brought over our ATV for crossing the small creek further upstream to get across. Here's what it looked like just before the water got to the top of the bridge:
And here's what it looks like this morning. (These were taken from opposite sides- note the tree standing alone is the same one in both photos).The pastures in front of our house are about half-covered in water from the river, with the water nearly to the top of the farthest gate opposite our house, as has happened once before. The llama that was alone in the paddock on the right was beside himself watching the murky water, and we let him join his alpaca friends in the larger field with more high ground.We aren't complaining, for us it's the most minor of inconvenience and our prayers go out for those who have had their homes flooded. And to think that a month ago we were experiencing half of our normal rainfall and were in a significant drought! Pin It Now!

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