Friday, May 21, 2010

My Internet World

Lovely nest received from an internet friend

.... is getting ever smaller! I could wax eloquently about my ability to keep up with long-lost and current friends via Facebook, talk about tweeting, and detail how even our daughter who had never been exposed to a computer in Peru can now Google information on the most obscure things with the best of 'em or locate a favorite YouTube video in seconds. We all know the many, many wonders of the internet which continues to expand exponentially every day.

But my world got smaller yet through my recent participation in a "swap" that was organized by a fiber artist/felter in Ireland that I admire. I read the Clasheen blog, and discovered that Nicola was organizing a spring swap among felters, and I decided to participate. I was paired with Chrissie from England, and we each shared some color preferences and likes and dislikes with each other.Chrissie's photos of the scarf I made for her
I made her a nuno-felted scarf in the blues and greys that she enjoys, and also added a box of tea, muffin mixes from local Weisenberger Mill, a felted soap, and a "felter's paintbox" of dyed alpaca fibers from our farm. As I shipped it off to her address in England, I hoped that she would like everything!Right before my birthday, I received my package from Chrissie. It was filled with tiny packages wrapped in tissue paper patterns and tied with colorful twine, oh how fun! Each package revealed a special little treasure- beautiful lace which I'll incorporate into my felting, handmade lavender sachets, a needle-felted nest with eggs, handmade tags, and a decorated mini box with vintage buttons inside.
It also held this awesome necklace, made in some of my favorite colors and incorporating felted wool beads!

Thanks, Chrissie, I love each and every item that you made! Thanks, too, to Nicola for organizing the swap! The world just got a little bit smaller.... Pin It Now!

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Deb W said...

Arrrgh! Reading about the Felter's Paintbox you sent your blog friend reminded me I had intended to stop by your booth after it was all set up to check those out! Well, we were all a little busy at the KSFF (wasn't it great) and I only had time for a quick twirl around the building I was in. Some other time, I guess.

(the nest is adorable)