Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work and Play

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with a nice balance of activities. Both kids had time for sleepovers, we had two llama treks and we sold a junior herdsire (read about all that here, and see some great photos of llamas with kids). Yesterday we did some yard work (Paul and Mirian even put up my Mother's day gift, a hammock, AND washed my car!) and spent the afternoon yesterday on the Kentucky River.
Last year we never even made it out to the river, as it was such a wet and cool summer. Our only boating experience was a disaster; we hauled the boat all the way to Taylorsville Lake, launched it, and discovered that the steering wasn't working-yikes! After one quick scare when the motor wouldn't start yesterday, all was smooth sailing. Robert did a great job learning to drive the boat.
The river was really beautiful, and despite some backlogs of junk here and there from the recent flooding, it was pretty clean. One exception was this hot tub that was caught in the crook of a tree!
We did have to chase off a few varmints that decided that the parked boat would make a nice home- a garter snake in the trailer wheel, a mouse, a small nest of wasps, lots of ants and this cute little tree frog.
We rode down to Benson's Marina in Frankfort and had a drink and appetizer at their Tiki Bar. It's a fun and friendly little spot that makes you feel like you're on vacation! Pin It Now!

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