Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wonderful WEG (World Equestrian Games)

The countdown clocks that have been up all over Lexington for about 3 years finally wound down, and the Opening Ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games finally came about with the most beautiful displays of equine pageantry and variety. Paul and I were blessed with free tickets to the Opening at the last minute, and Mirian got to attend with a friend. (Robert is not into horses!)

My pictures won't do it justice, but let me just mention some of what we saw and heard at the Opening: Hundreds of horses representing dozens of breeds, a parade of athletes from 62 countries (much like they do at the Olympics), Wynona Judd singing My Old Kentucky Home as beautifully as I've ever heard it, Mohommad Ali in a glorious antique caddillac, William Shatner driving a buggy, drill teams, horses dancing with the Lexington Ballet, glorious opera singers, governors and mayors and other politicians, a real princess (HRH Princess Haya, president of the FEI), a dozen Fresians "dancing" to New York, New York, a mini horse race with famous jockeys riding, precision drill teams, trick horses, and million dollar circus carriages. It was a display I'll never forget.
There were so many different breeds and styles of horses on display throughout the Games (not just those competing), and it truly was an international event of excellence and diversity with the best of many types represented. All were groomed and trained to the hilt, and I was completely inspired.
Not only REAL horses, there was the most beautiful horse art and sculpture at every turn.Mirian got to meet the actor who played the jockey in the Secretariat movie (just released this weekend, and I got an autographed Breyer model of Secretariat, signed by Ron Turcotte, his real jockey! Painted horses remain all over Lexington, and I still hope to check them all out.
There is more to come, I can't say enough about what a great time I had at the WEG, and like many of my friends I feel that it's come to an end too soon... but we're so lucky to have had it at all. Pin It Now!

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Marti said...

We horse lovers enjoyed an embarrassment of riches these past two plus weeks for sure!