Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at the Horse Park

There's been so much going on this past month that I'd have loved to blog about (and some I still will, like the felting class I took in Michigan), but time has made it nearly impossible. The month ended on a great note with a ride at the Kentucky Horse Park which was a fundraiser for Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (CKRH).

Four of us decided to dress ourselves and our horses up in costume for the ride... as is usually the case with Halloween, planning and getting ready was the fun part! Mirian loved the idea of being a vampire and making her horse, Gringo, a victim and thus a vampire, too.So, how do you make fangs for a horse? Mirian sewed and stuffed some white fabric and painted blood on the tips, hanging them from Gringo's halter with safety pins. Realistic, maybe not but funny? YES!
Of course she had fangs, too.
She also decided to put mascara on her horse... Gringo is almost as long-suffering as our cat Sushi when it comes to being dressed up! He had his mane and tale painted pink, and had fake blood applied around his face.Our friend Martha rode my horse Sunday, and painted a broomstick on him to go along with her witch costume.
MB was a skeleton, and her horse wore the mask.
I rode Paul's horse Strawberry- she was a spider web (with a few captured flies painted on her rump) and I went as a spider. I had to abandon my extraneous legs when she started jumping around with excitement in an open cornfield and the legs were thumping on her, and I was afraid that the spider web was doing nothing to help me stick in the saddle! We rode through harvested fields and beside old barns, then back onto the beautiful horse park grounds.
It was the first time we'd ever gotten to ride our own horses over the beautiful cross country course, and we had a new appreciation for the height and breadth of the huge fences!We had our lunch on one of the jumps, and of course enjoyed a bit of red to celebrate the gorgeous fall day. Pin It Now!

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Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Looks like so much fun. Your costumes are prize-winning!!