Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Creative happenings... of all sorts!

Marti and Gringo, Eastern Kentucky, 2009

My creativity has been able to manifest itself in ways other than dressing up my horse... time to move on from all of the equine emphasis here and back to some of my other outlets.I've actually been on a roll in the studio, with tons of felting, dyeing and other crafting going on (more on that in a few days). In addition, I'm still trying to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements, and recently came upon a fantastic site and free online class.
It's still not too late to get on board for this session, follow the link from the Kim Klassen Skinny Minnie class button on my sidebar. These are some of the fun photos I've produced lately (the frog was the result of my first "homework" assignment in Kim's class!) Mirian is doing the class as well and is having a lot of fun with it; she's a very good photographer!Kentucky Horse Park, October 2010

The digital photo work is really addictive, just what I need- another distraction in my loco life! Pin It Now!


Linda said...

Your digital art is wonderful!! I'm so glad you're enjoying the class.
Thank you for the lovely message....
Linda x

Loco Lindy said...

That's a high compliment coming from you, Linda! Your beautiful work and blog have led me to many great inspriations and resources like Kim's site- thanks for that!

Marti said...

Hay! Cool!