Monday, October 13, 2008

And they're off!

I don't know why I'm not in bed after such an eventful weekend, but my mind is whirling as I go through photos of the past few days. It all started with a book signing at Joseph Beth for the Mason Dixon knitters, followed by a super-fun birthday party with friends. Ann and Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting are hilarious, and they amused the crowd with the wigs that they wore in the now-famous video, "Pardon Me, I didn't Knit That for You." If you're a knitter and haven't seen this yet, be sure to take a peek- I guarantee you'll love it! My sweet niece Lauren and her husband JP graced us with a visit, and we had tons of fun!

Paul's Dad and Aunt Ginny from Chicago also visited, and I really enjoyed getting to know Aunt Ginny better, and catching up with Paul's Dad.
We went out on the boat and enjoyed mild weather and great fall colors. Today we went to Keeneland Race Track, starting with tailgating with my stepson Jason and his fiancee Crystal.

This was the kid's first time there- we ate Kentucky Burgoo (look for a recipe here later this week), Mirian and I wore hats, Robert climbed a huge burr oak tree, and we all had a grand time!

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