Monday, October 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Wow, this weekend exceeded my expectations in every way! I'm so glad that my friends didn't shoot me after all because the kids were very good and helpful and we had a low-stress and very successful weekend at the Heartland Classic Show in Indianapolis. In fact, this was one of our best shows ever- with 9 animals we took 3 Res. Championships, 5 1sts, and 4 2nds!
Jitterbug didn't let me down, either, taking a blue in her class. It was pretty funny though, every time she'd get stressed she'd lay down and we had to get help to carry her from the show ring.
Maisy finally had her cria on Saturday, a white male sired by Sinbad. This morning we had another cria, a lovely dark brown male from Shiva and Dakotia Decadence. Shiva is one of our best dams, always so quiet, gentle and cooperative with easy births and lots of milk. This one is no exception! I love being with the dams and crias when the dams appear to be "in a zone" where they are awash in maternal hormones and stand calmly for their crias to take their first steps and find milk. It's a privilege to witness new life in this way, and it makes me feel very grateful to live on a farm. I hope you enjoy this small piece of farm life.
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