Friday, October 24, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I recently discovered a new hobby… digital scrapbooking. It should be useful and have some overlap with a lot of the other things I like to do. I kind of enjoy traditional scrapbooking, though I haven’t done a lot of it and am turned off by some of the emphasis on perfection and the lack of authenticity which is common (though not always so!) I love and covet fancy papers (not quite as much as yarn!), and a friend in advertising always told me I should have pursued graphic arts or been an art director. I do some of our most simple advertising, but am even more interested in the possibilities of creating with a hybrid of my own art, digital photos and other realistic-looking digital elements which can be purchased and downloaded or scanned.
I bought the software program Adobe Photoshop Elements a few months ago, but hadn’t found the time to learn to perform more than the most basic functions, and was frustrated when I tried to learn on my own as it is complicated with hundreds of features. I stumbled across an inexpensive online class at which teaches Photoshop in a class called Up and Running, with an emphasis on digiscrapping; here are my first two layouts. I can’t wait to learn more, and see all kinds of possibilities for using Photoshop here on the blog, on yarn labels, and with scrapbooking the highlights of my children’s lives!
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