Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good neighbors... great gardens

Despite my own poor garden going completely to pot, I have stuck to my goal of trying to eat more fresh and local food. If you've got generous family and neighbors with a big garden, why have one yourself?!! (Ha!) We came back from a recent visit to my parents with bags of tomatoes and huge zucchini from their beautiful garden.

Even better, our wonderful neighbor Melvin is a master gardener and canner, and he frequently shares with us both vegetables and canned goods like pickles and beats. His garden soil is enhanced with our very own alpaca compost, so at least we're contributing a little bit!

I really enjoy the blog Savoring Kentucky, and especially liked this post about some of the Kentucky Governor and First Lady's initiatives to encourage more local eating and therefore enhance Kentucky agriculture and health. There are lots of interesting facts about the impact of even just a little bit more local food consumption.

I hope you're lucky enough to either have a garden or a good neighbor with one, but if not don't forget the local farmer's markets which are at their peak of production right now!
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