Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day of Rest

Sometimes I find myself wondering how others might cope with the type of schedule I try to follow on occasion when things get truly overwhelming.... like the past few days. I spent most of Thursday working on paperwork in my studio (takes tons of fortitude when all of that luscious fiber is calling out to me and I hate paperwork), trying to beat a deadline with some alpaca registrations.

Paul went out of town on Friday, so I did all of the kid running, making two trips to Lexington and other important stuff like exchanging locker shelves for the RIGHT KIND and picking up meds for alpacas, groceries, post office, bank, tube feed cria, oil change and blah, blah, blah. Then I headed to Ohio with the kids and Munchie. The brakes locked up on the stock trailer while on I-75 with a semi behind me- God helped us safely out of the way and off we went again. We left for Columbus early on Saturday with my parents and slipped in a quick lunch visit with my brother Andy and his family. Then over to OSU to pick up Dulce and Ginger Spice- Ginger was there for treatment for a severe ear infection which resulted in having to have her eye removed (more on that another day or on my other blog).

Afterwards, we headed South, dropped off my parents, and were back in Lexington in time to drop Robert off at the football game. Then home with enough time to get everyone on the farm fed and medicated, then back to Lexington to pick up Robert, then back home.... ending in a long walk in the dark from the not-working-gate (X?@!!!) to the house and collapsing in bed.... phew!
So, how would anyone else cope with all of this stuff to do? Simple... nobody else would choose it but I HAVE. Sometimes I get bitchy and don't cope so well, but I try to remind myself that I have been given and earned and am so fortunate to be living this crazy, loco life... with kids that are truly blessings, a husband who I fight with on occasion but love with my whole heart (and he loves me back!), two healthy, living parents to visit, a ton of animals who have lots of needs but give us so many rewards, a sometimes-complicated farm life which is away from the family I grew up with but still not too far to see them on a regular basis, and so many other great things with which my life is filled.

And Today, Sunday is supposed to be a day of Rest and that I will try to do....not having gone to church this morning, I will at least try to turn my thoughts to gratitude.... for this loco life that I am so blessed to live.

P.S. Out of water at lower barn, had to haul buckets of water for horses, almost forgot about needing to deliver an alpaca to new home... so much for the day of rest. But, today is a new day!
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Dianne MacDonald said...

Oh my, Lindy. You've been on over-drive!! Thank goodness the trailer brake situation wasn't worse. That scared me, just reading about it. I hope things settle down (and slow down) for you soon. We miss you at Wednesday knitting!