Friday, August 7, 2009

Home, at last!

It feels strange to be showing yarn photos again so soon, when I've rarely been around to do any dyeing or have much studio time. Still, having those special moments to create is so important to me that I just have to share in my pleasure. It's not all for fun, as our busy festival season is coming up and I've got literally hundreds of skeins of yarn to work with that I had processed recently at Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works.
I've been on such a roller coaster, and am experiencing the back-to-school blues, which I can more easily recognize this year after going through a tough case of them last year around this time.
My mind starts whirling with all of the to-do's, and next thing I know I'm gazing into a dye pot as if it's a crystal ball or witch's cauldron in which I'm looking for help and answers.
I never actually find any answers to my questions of the universe, but I do find a lot of satisfaction with seeing freshly-dyed yarn from our own animals hanging to dry on the studio porch railing.

You'll find at least a few of my newly-dyed yarns (such as this baby alpaca/bamboo blend) in my Etsy store. Check back soon to see my new nuno felt creations from alpaca and silk! Pin It Now!


Sarebear said...

Oh, my is that BEAUTIFUL or what?

Dianne MacDonald said...

Colors are fabulous and I'll bet the yarn is yummy to feel!