Friday, September 4, 2009

A Full Week

It's continued to be a challenging time on the farm, and I've had a hard time even talking about some recent losses. I hope to share some of those things soon on our farm blog.
As always, spending time with fiber, friends, family and horses has been my greatest therapy. I was able to finish this shawl after much fussing and many changes throughout the process. I am both a process and a product artist, enjoying both equally- how about you? You can see more photos of the shawl or purchase it from my Etsy store.
I had intended to add some beading detail to the shawl, but after spending about 2 hours and completing only about 1/2 of one spiral, I decided that beading was for the birds and ripped it out. Oh well, that's all part of finding out if something works or not!
Yesterday I did make time for a break with my Gallop Girl friends, and we took the horses for an expedition at a fellow alpaca breeder's farm in Northern Kentucky. I rode Strawberry, my husband's mare, and she really rose to the occasion having been ridden only once this year. We had lots of good talking and laughs as is typical, and we loved seeing Deb's gorgeous farm and exploring the trails around her property.
We stopped at a beautiful overlook and had a customary nip of wine, feeling like we could have been in remote Montana with the rest of the world hundreds of miles away. It was exactly what I needed.
It was very relaxing to sit back and enjoy the scene, taking in the lovely late-summer weather and enjoying our beautiful horses. (I loved Deb's Fresian cross mare). Her guardian dog escorted us along and enjoyed cooling off at the creek.

Deb and her husband Jim served us a great dinner afterwards, and we enjoyed their company and their beautiful setting, a day to remember. Pin It Now!


Marti McGinnis said...

It's as though you can see the suggestion of the entire universe in The Berry's eye on the tip top of this post. And the finish with the soul drenching practicality of a pooch in a stream - well just the icing on the cupcake is all. :)

Kate said...

Beautiful shawl!

Jealous that you have the opportunity to spend so much time with horses - love to ride, but haven't had the opportunity lately.

Dutch Hollow Acres said...

Wow, looks like a nice weekend ride. Great photos.

AlpacaFarmgirl said...

Looks like fun. Love the shawl with that pretty blue color. Thanks for participating in Fiber Arts Friday!