Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is my medium?

I have become obsessed and sidelined with yet another new hobby... sewing and the bright and lovely fabrics that go along with it (a few of my first feeble projects are shown here). But before I get further into that, I have been musing about something else. Just what IS my medium?
I know that to some, it appears that I flit from one thing to the next (this loco blog certainly isn't about any one thing!) At times, I'm cranking out the handknits (though I have big boxes of unfinished objects- UFO's). Then I'm talking about mixed media art, raising alpacas, digital scrapbooking, gardening, motherhood, felting, cooking, and now... sewing? Am I simply one of those craft-supply and book collectors? (Well, I am but I really DO use things, she says to justify it!) And how, you might ask, do I have time to run a farm, do all this crafting and be a parent and wife?
Becoming part of the "blogging community" has led me to reading about so many interesting people making and doing beautiful things, that I can't help but be inspired. It's only natural that reading about dynamic and creative people doing a variety of things would stimulate my own desire to learn those skills as well. Feeling inspired gives me the energy to do the things that are the major part of my life... having a family and running a farm.

So, I'm perfectly justified in wanting to be a sewer now since I have Anna Maria Horner's book, Seams to Me and Alicia Paulson's book, Stitched in Time. ... right? I was telling Mirian about how my mom tried so hard to get me to sew when I was young and even bought me a very nice used sewing machine, but I just wasn't interested (the same goes for cooking). As I encourage Miran, she now reminds me of that and says, "I'll do it when I'm ready, Mom", and I know she's right.

Being a mom is number one on my list, but there is just too much personal stuff there to write much about here. On the other hand, I can gush about my other passions and I appreciate you coming along with me. I guess I don't have A medium- I am rediscovering just how good any kind of creating makes me feel.
(P.S. This is my $50 Janome "Sew Mini" machine- it works great, has several decent options, and paid for itself immediately when I bought it a few years ago to make curtains for the skylights in Mirian's room). Pin It Now!

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