Thursday, March 25, 2010

Llamas and Daffodils and Lambs, Oh My!

My days have been filled with mostly-pleasant spring things, and I'm not even minding today's showers as the ground was getting mighty thirsty. Here are some of the first daffodil's "friends" that have VERY quickly painted the woods with cheery color! Taking the time to plant all those bulbs years ago was definitely one of the best investments of time I've made on the farm!
My friend Dianne had the good fortune of having triplet ewe-lambs born and Mirian and I went out to see them. Talk about CUTE!Mirian is going to be getting one of Dianne's ewes soon after it lambs in a few weeks, and it was fun to see Dianne light up as she explained some of the basics of shepherding to her. Here, she shows Mirian a fleece from her recently-shorn sheep.It's always fun to visit Dianne's farm, and the special light of her barn highlights her beautiful animals in such a lovely way.Yesterday, four new llamas arrived, delivered by my friend Karen who sold us our very first llama 18 years ago! They're super-pretty boys, but will need a fair amount of handling to get them tame enough to use on our treks. That'll be a great project for the kids on spring break! (They don't know it yet)"Bandit" had broken out of his pen by this morning, and he reminded me of how llamas are a bit smarter than alpacas as we herded him back into the barn!
I've been working on our farm marketing, and would love to invite you to join the Seldom Scene Farm page on Facebook! Become a fan by our shearing day on April 10th, and you'll win a free Llama Trek for 4 with a deluxe lunch! Pin It Now!


AllyB said...

The little lamb is so cute. Sounds like fun. I do so love the animals.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I am envious of your daffodils!

Wish I lived closer to your farm - a llama trek sounds awesome.

WonderWhyGal said...

People have asked why I also don't have llama on the farm...goodness, you give me a beautiful picture of wanting some. Your daffodils are beautiful. Mine are just starting to come out of the ground. As for the lamb, I want a friend with sheep so I can visit to my heart's content without having to take care of them too. :-)

Thank you for sharing in Fiber Arts Friday. I love to remind people that that fleece starts right on the farm with the herd not on the store shelves.

Allison said...

My daffodils are not even peeking through the ground yet.

Llama treking with the reward of a deluxe lunch afterwards sounds like a great outing.