Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pulling Myself Up

I started the day yesterday feeling really low over the demise of a cria we'd been giving some pretty intensive care to since he had a seizure on Saturday (read about it here). Last year was rough on the farm, and I started having an overwhelming feeling that we may be repeating it.

It was about the 5th grey day in a row, and I couldn't motivate myself to do anything productive. I had made several new projects recently and didn't feel like doing much more. I'm taking a short PhotoShop class and tried to work on some of the techniques, but was having a VERY bad tech-day as well with the computer and printer.... arghhh, more frustration.

I decided I needed to get off the farm for a bit! I went to the new Addie's Creekside Cafe in nearby Millville for lunch and had a great reuben sandwich and soup. It's inspiring to see how this cute cafe is coming together and being embraced by the community as well as visitors to nearby Woodford Reserve. Their food is awesome, and it's a very comfortable place to hang out.

Then I headed to Midway to talk to the owners of Damselfly Gallery, who had taken some interest a while ago in carrying some of my handmade alpaca products. Mary, the co-owner, oohed and ahhhed over my new creations, and immediately put them on display in her beautiful store! That was a nice boost. She suggested that I make some more lightweight, spring-colored scarves and felted soaps, so now I have a new direction.

Since I was so close, I stopped in at Equus Run Winery to pick up our wine club order, 3 bottles which included Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Cabernet-Franc. Of course I had to taste each, yum! Nothing had changed on the farm when I returned but it was sunny this morning and I was able to motivate myself to get some new things accomplished in the studio. Here are some more felted soaps I made:
And some sample bags of dyed rovings from my stash, a "Felter's Paintbox" which I will be making available on Etsy soon and to participants in my felting classes (by the way, I have two spaces left for Sunday's Beginner's class).I'm hopeful that we'll have some beautiful, healthy new crias running around in the fields soon, and much more sunshine to come. No more pity parties today- CARPE DIEM! Pin It Now!


Deb W said...

The 'felter's stash' bags - what a terrific idea! I hope you don't sell all of them, and do bring some to the Fiber Festival in May. It's a good thing I will he to man my booth most of the time - but I can tell I will need a booth sitter for a little while for a shopping break!

WonderWhyGal said...

I love the soaps. I have tried making some and mine all come out looking nasty. One day I will get the technique down. Here's hoping for the end of gray days and wishing good health to your and your herd.

Thank you for sharing in Fiber Arts Friday.

Dianne MacDonald said...

Nice when you can turn a bad into a good.