Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Merry Christmas

2010 Polar Bear Club (predunking)- Andy, Robert, Zach, Adam
Well, the birdhouse felting and shipments of socks finally got finished and it was time for one of our favorite nights of the whole year... Christmas Eve. A tradition was born many years ago and was reborn last year of jumping into the icy lake beside my parents home. (No, I didn't participate, though I have in the far past!). Doesn't every family celebrate Christmas this way? First, the guys had to do lots of chanting loudly to get themselves psyched up. They planned their route to the water and back carefully, as there was literally just a small area that was unfrozen!
I hope you'll enjoy this short video of the event! Things were somewhat more subdued after that, and unfortunately our daughter wasn't feeling well and was very quiet for the evening.
Our son Robert had the honor of reading the story of Jesus' birth from the family Bible.
We told lots of good stories and jokes, sang some carols, ate a wonderful meal, and then even did a bit of karaoke.
(Robert was the hit there, as he ad libbed Deck the Halls and had everyone in stitches.)
Munchie was dressed up in Santa attire, and he and my brother's cat Joe got along great as always. My brother Andy read us some great poetry, we opened gifts, there was a small wrestling match, and good memories were made! Our family has so much to be thankful for, and I'm looking forward to more time with them on our upcoming ski adventure!
Sushi dressed up for Christmas this year, too, and he's very proud to have launched his very own Facebook page- check it out!
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