Friday, December 10, 2010

Studio bliss

I've been pretty busy trying to get things made to sell, and with home schooling our daughter its pretty hard to carve out time so I've been getting up early. I love my studio in the early morning especially, and I do lots of things to help inspire and keep it a pleasant work space.
Oftentimes I light a candle, and I have surrounded myself with artwork that I love (especially the fun and upbeat pieces of my friend, Marti. Podcasts make the time go quickly, and I hope to write an entire post about my favorites soon.
I got this cool star light at the Kalamazoo Museum of Art's gift shop, and it makes me smile.
The refrigerator is an idea board, and I even have magnets that I love.My studio is definitely not as organized as some I read about in the pages of magazines, but it's my happy place and every once in a while I make something that turns out pretty okay. (This is a funky nuno-felted scarf that I completed today.)
There's really no excuse for me not to create... when the sun starts to hit the palisades on the opposite side of the river I feel the most inspired of all, and I'm ready to start teaching! Pin It Now!


Deb W said...

I must have missed the post where you said you would be homeschooling Mirian this year. Wasn't she in public school before? It's mornings like these that homeschooling would be such a blessing, but I'll be the public school was closed anyway.

foxlily said...

Extreme tidiness is overrated. You can't beat your view!

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Beautiful morning scenes in your studio. Love all the inspirational colors and "stuff" around. I'm finding it takes discipline to allow myself time for creating (especially if all the chores are not done).