Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Quick Winter Walk

We're not cold, just FEED US, FEED US, FEED US (Pepe and Shelby, Mirian's lambs)
Well, if it's going to be winter (technically it's not yet, but don't tell that to Mother Nature, geez it was 7 degrees F this morning, seems to have been one of the coldest spots in the Eastern US!), then there might as well be snow. I'll take the cold and a bit of sparkly-clean snow over mud and rain at 38 degrees!
The animals always seem to look so good under these conditions, love this little snow-boy's cute face!And my sweet and nosy Cherry Bomb, hungry and curious all the time!I figured the chickens would be happy and snug in their little coop with a heat light inside. They have finally started laying again (blue and green eggs from the aracaunas, no less, which I love!)
Unfortunately, we didn't find these eggs in time and they were frozen solid! Oh well, some woodland creature will no doubt enjoy them as they thaw.There's still plenty around for the wildlife to eat, such as hedgeapples which are relished by the deer and squirrels.Evidence of a flock of turkeys out looking for acorns. There are several groups around on the farm now, and we've seen as many as 50 at a time! Pin It Now!


Andy and Deb said...

Hi there,
I found your blog through Kaylen at Sheffield Alpacas. We have just got our first 6 alpacas and I have just started spinning our fleece. Unfortunately, I do not have a spinning wheel yet, I use a spindle but love it all the same. I just wanted to let you know that I think you do an absolutely gorgeous job of dying fleece!! Beautiful!!!

foxlily said...

Sweet baby alpacas! Not surprised those eggs froze. Brrr.....