Monday, December 6, 2010

More Winter Wonder!

We had more snow than expected here in Kentucky on Saturday, and I loved being home with a fire in the fireplace and lots of time to spend in the studio felting last-minute items for the Jingle and Mingle Gift Party. I did get out in the morning to give all of the animals some extra hay, and got a nice hodge-podge of snow shots.
Above, the century-old pear trees that greet visitors to our farm...The alpaca girls at the top tobacco barn (notice that some had chosen to sleep out in the snow, "Silly girls" as one friend remarked!)Fawntastic, looking out in wonder...
Snow on the pumpkin, time to get out the Christmas decorations and feed this to the chickens!
Snowmass XXman (owned by RobAsia Alpaca Ranch in Wisconsin), looking very disappointed that this is the winter in the south he had been promised!Snowhorses, Gringo, Strawberry and Sunday.Felt birdhouses, don't they look like a snug place for a bird to hole up on a snowy day?! I'm planning to list some of these for sale on my facebook page later in the week, so it's a great time to join up! Pin It Now!

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