Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bahama Waters

Okay, finally time to throw in some pretty yarn photos! Here's some hand-dyed yarn (contributed by an alpaca we sold named Senorita Libby, very lovely, soft and bright, commercially-spun)... I first started knitting what was supposed to be a "simple" shawl (free pattern on Ravelry, Blue Jeans Shawl), but it turns out that my definition of simple and fast lace never matches that of others.... After frogging it many times, I turned to one of my favorite tried and true simple lace patterns, Old Shale.

As I was knitting this, I had flashbacks of the source for this gorgeous shade of aqua.... the water of the Bahamas through which I've been lucky enough to sail and scuba several times on chartered sailboats back in the "good ole days" of college and singlehood. Here's a painting I did in 1987 after one of those trips, inspired by a photo I took at Great Harbour Cay. I wasn't thinking about this when I dyed the yarn, but I know that the images of that incredible water are imbedded in my brain and will likely be a part of the scenery when I (hopefully) reach heaven someday.

It got me thinking of other places that have inspired me artistically or otherwise... the Oregon Coast, the Rockies, my favorite vineyards, and oh yeah... the Kentucky Bluegrass! Beauty is everywhere I look on a warm summer day such as this. Hopefully, whoever wears this scarf will be wrapped in some of the same great karma that helped to bring it about.
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