Monday, August 25, 2008

Manic Monday and Frogs into Princes!

My baby is 14 today! Happy Birthday, Robert, and have a great first day of school! (You may have all heard some whoops this morning from as far away as California, but I won't make a big deal about it as I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings on their birthday or anything). As I was downloading the frog photo further below, I couldn't help but think about frogs turning into princes. I'm not really ready for any frogs to turn into princes or anything quite yet... not that I'm saying anybody is a frog or anything, but 14 year old boys... what more can I say? This one, our Robert, is pretty exceptional in terms of great humor, fun, energy, and smarts and I'm sure he'll be quite the prince someday!

I was able to shake off the blues last week, and then got too busy for updates to the blog. After some huge lapses in motivation, I got myself together and am actually feeling quite proud! With Paul's and the kid's help, we have done some major house decluttering and a cleaning lady started today, the first time I've had hired help in over 3 years (I hadn't felt that the house was clean enough to having a cleaning lady come in every once in awhile!) It feels good to help the kids be better organized at the start of school, and they're doing great with forming some new habits.

On top of school, helping with Mirian's tons of homework, soccer, farm visits, a heat-stressed alpaca girl, another female that aborted her cria due to the heat, regular household stuff, Book Club, Wed. knitting group, a concert at Equus Run Vineyard, and riding with MB, I had some intense artistic urges which led me to a very cool online class.... you'll be hearing more about that and my subsequent inspiration later this week!

When I feel stressed, I frequently head out to gaze upon our koi fish pond for a few minutes here and there. The sound of the waterfall and watching the fish glide around is the ultimate in relaxation for me.... so much that after we put in our pond last spring I put together an additional container water garden on our side bedroom deck. It's been a pleasure, but has unfortunately leaked so I finally drained it so that it can be resealed- I may bring it inside for the winter to enjoy the sound of water in our sun room.
I put the two butterfly koi into our larger pond, where they may stay from here on out. They were very shy about surfacing in the container anyway, and I'm enjoying seeing them with our older koi.

In addition to the fish in the larger pond, we have lots of frogs which moved in on their own. Can you find the hidden frog? (Reminds me of a Where's Waldo picture.)

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zorana said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful boy! My daughter will be 14 soon... I love the picture of your ponds (and frog). I wanted a koi pond, but was warned that raccoons will come and eat them. :-(

AlpacaLindy said...

Thanks for the well-wishes. We haven't had any problems with raccoons getting our fish yet, though I do hear of those. Our pond is right by the side deck very close to the house so I'd hope they'd be reluctant, though I did see raccoon tracks very close to it the other night.