Friday, August 15, 2008

My Girl

For the past few weeks, I've been thinking about how on August 14th I would be asking if you all heard the loud whooping noise signifying that it was Back to School Day for at least one of the kids.... but it didn't happen. I didn't celebrate, nor am I very happy at all that this summer is coming to an end. The weather has been record-breakingly magnificent, and I have truly, truly enjoyed the kids being home. Although she was nervous, I am very proud of how brave Mirian has become about new experiences, and the first day of 6th grade wasn't easy... but she came home enthusiastic and cheerful. Yeah!

That's not to say that I won't enjoy having more "me" time again, to try to better organize the house, pay more attention to alpaca business, and even to have more time for things like this:

I dyed this in a turkey roaster with Country Classics Chestnut, Pumpkin, and Ripe Tomato. It's alpaca/wool yarn that I dyed up for a dear friend and mentor that I very much appreciate and admire. I was thinking of her last week as I processed and froze the bags and bags of tomatoes and corn that she gave us from her garden... just as she has shared so much time to teach me most of my knitting skills and to listen to my problems on many occasions. She is the Martha Stewart of my circle (and I mean that only in the good way), and is a model of good taste and generosity. Thank you again, Dianne, for all that you do for me!
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Kim said...

What a beautiful colorway!

AlpacaLindy said...

Thanks, Kim! I have noticed in previous projects that the CC Chestnut ends up with a purple hue.. I really like this color with the pumpkin!

Dianne said...

I am honored to be your friend. Your thoughtful basket full of beautiful things is being enjoyed immensely.(When Mike saw it, the first thing he said was "wow, she sure knows the colors you like") Thanks so much.