Friday, August 29, 2008

The Outside of a Horse

Who was it, Will Rogers, who said "the best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse?" Yesterday, I needed the back of a horse and the ear of a good friend, and my weekly ride with Mary Beth provided both. Being in nature, pouring out my feelings, worries and frustrations to MB, galloping uphill with my eyes closed, laughing, and later holding hands on horseback with my daughter all went a long way to helping me find some focus and to feel a lot better.
Here's MB and Mirian above; we're at Shoulder Blade Ridge, one of my favorite spots on the farm where there's a very old stone wall overlooking the Kentucky River (I'm in the top photo). My horse, Sunday, has very irritating ground manners but he also has a sweetness and innocence that I feel every time I interact with him... and on some days he can glide like we're flying with his mountain horse gaits! He has tremendous courage, and picks his way through rugged terrain without hesitation. I am so grateful that I rediscovered horses again last year, and that they led me to such a treasured friendship with Mary Beth.

Animals have been so good for Mirian as well- can you imagine anything cuter than this? (Mirian on her horse Gringo, with kitten Fergie). I am carrying yesterday with me today, and have found the focus and motivation that was missing. I think that the painting below, given to me last year by my artist friend Marti, says it very well:

"I owe my sanity to my horse"... and my friends, of course! Pin It Now!

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