Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Studio, Schmudio

I wrote recently about how every time I decluttered a corner, there was always another staring back at me. I am happy to report that I am finally feeling like I'm catching up! Last week the top of my desk in the house reappeared from a long retreat. Only problem was that it yielded a ton of stuff to be filed... and I couldn't even get to the file cabinet in my studio due to a light being out in the closet and so much junk in there. (Electrician was here, CHECK, plumber here now to install some new faucets, CHECK, we are really getting stuff done around here!)

My studio needed a major overhaul (see top, before), and I am happy to report that it is, as of today, once again a place that I'll love to hang out and work and play. It always helps when my parents or other guests are coming, and although I abandoned the white glove a very long time ago, I do like for this area to be at least presentable. Tah dah!!!
I am on a roll now, and feel like I'm digging myself out of at least 4 years worth of accumulated stuff. I mean scary, monstrous piles. One technique I have picked up and that I'm trying to teach the kids is when I see something out of place, either "Put it away, throw it away, or give it away" (ie. to Goodwill). This is really working for us! I'm also finally designating places for things a little better (aka. unfinished knitting projects go in certain clear bins in my studio). Here's how I have organized my multitude of knitting needles and notions, in a clear plastic over-the-door shoe organizer.

Something tells me that I'm turning a corner in terms of organization around our home, time will tell but I am pretty determined!

One more photo... this is my cute Dad with our dog Munchie and visiting dog Molly. We had such a nice visit with my parents.... thanks for coming, Mom and Dad.

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countrychicken said...

Looks like you are making progress on decluttering, I'm trying. I especially like your idea for your knitting needles, etc in the clear plastic door hanger. Going to go get one of those. Just the other day looked for a certain size needle, couldn't find it, went out and bought a pair, low and behold 2days later there is the pair I thought I had.