Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hodge Podge and Mod Podge

Finally, I've gotten my running out of the way for the week and I've taken time in the studio to play around with some new techniques and painting. This mixed media stuff is so much fun! I know I should be doing fiber stuff in preparation for the Midway Festival, but.... you know me!

I told Mirian that there were surprises in store for her if she made the bus and missed no school for the first month, and here's a decoupage box I made for her from a left-over stationary box that I painted and embellished:

She's been wanting to learn to shave her legs, so I included a sparkly pink razor and some fragrant shaving gel- she loved it and did well with her first shaving lesson! (She would be SO embarrassed that I put that on the blog).

We had our first fall alpaca cria, a black male from one of our oldest import girls, Roana.

Hopefully he's a harbinger of our fall births- unassisted, nursing in no time, bright and healthy! I am normally excited for each and every cria, but we've got a big surplus of males I'm trying to move right now. Black is desirable, though, and he appears to have some good potential. If you know anybody looking for bargain-priced fiber males OR breeding stock males please refer them to me, okay?
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