Monday, September 15, 2008

Alone... but not lonely!

Saturday night I found myself alone in the house for the entire night for the first time in... years? I nearly called a friend to go out, but ended up putting some halibut on the grill, opening a nice bottle of wine, and getting out my art supplies and fiber stuff.

I was fortunate enough to have a few unwatched Netflix movies. There has been an ongoing theme of feminism in my thoughts, readings (Loving Frank), movies (Mona Lisa Smile), and media (Sarah Palin) lately... what's with this? (Have you ever had a concept appear and reappear in multiple aspects of your life?) Okay, it doesn't mean that I don't still support the GOP ticket, but I struggle with the idea of a mother of five with several young ones in the White House; does this mean I'm not supportive of feminism or that I'm ultra right-wing? It's not that I don't think a man (ie. Todd Palin) can handle the kids with lots of paid help and extended family, or does it? I know few men who can multi-task as well as we women, and hugs and kisses from mom are somehow different from Dad's.... I truly believe that women should be able to choose their careers, ANY careers, but I do have to wonder how much of a price their children may pay for those choices. Okay, enough philosophizing for now...

The other movie I watched was A River Runs Through It. Friends and I were talking about this movie last week while riding, and all that I had remembered about it was that Brad Pitt looked amazing and the Montana scenery was gorgeous (Brad looked better to me 16 years ago, but then again I'm sure I'd have looked better to him then, too). The movie is so much more than I remembered, and it will be added to my favorites list. It's theme is simply Beauty... and that people make their own choices in life and it's not always possible to help them when they make the wrong ones, except by loving them.

I was delighted to have everyone return home on Sunday! I did get a lot done, and next time I'll show you my projects and tell you about the opening of Truly Bluegrass, the new shop in Versailles that is carrying some of my yarn, fiber, and finished products.
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