Monday, September 22, 2008

When Work is Fun!

Last week I found myself working and playing a lot in my studio, and at times it was tough to tell which was which. I think that's a good sign that I've somehow found my mojo again... things are so much more in balance in my life, at least for now! I've had some large blocks of quiet, which I've always needed more than the average bear.

A lot of my incentive to work in the studio was for dyeing yarn and fiber and organizing products for the Midway Festival. I also made felted soaps and put together some mini scarf kits. Attendance and sales were quite brisk, and the alpacas were a big hit again!
Being at the Midway Festival made me forget about the elections and all of the turmoil in our economy, if only for a while. There was bluegrass and Irish music, face painting, festival food, homegrown sorghum and honey, and sand sculpting.
My friend Dianne brought sheep and handspun, hand-dyed yarn and we did the booth together which made it more fun.
I've decided to try a more patriotic tactic and slow down on selling imported alpaca items and concentrate more on producing items from our farm's fleece, as people seem to be more "ready" for this and are willing to pay the difference for "homegrown." (I know I am as well). I finally put the finishing touches on a handfelted hat that I started back in July (shown here), and along came the person for whom it appeared to be made... Mary, a previous client at the festival. It was too hot for her to wear it yesterday, but when it cools off I hope she'll enjoy wearing it as much as I loved making it! Pin It Now!

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