Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fossils at the Falls

This week I went on a field trip with Mirian's class to a hidden gem, Falls of the Ohio State Park, just across the Ohio River from Louisville in S. Indiana. There's a lovely visitor center which describes the 385 million years of changes that brought forth amazing fossil beds over a mile long, right along the river.
Two major interstates buzz right by, but this park and it's unique history have fortunately been preserved. The Falls were the launching point for Lewis and Clark's Expedition, but the most impressive and evident history is preserved in the 220 acres of fossils, which you can walk around upon.

The kids, an especially curious and bright class of 6th graders, really loved it and were inspired by the guide, who was hilarious and very knowledgeable. I asked him just how unique this spot was, and he said the same fossil beds are unexposed anywhere else in the world except for a small area at Niagra Falls.
I must say that poking around on the rocks and learning about the milleniums it took to bring forth this wonder truly made me and my loco life feel like such a tiny speck in time!
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