Sunday, August 10, 2008

Movin' and Shakin.... at Shakertown

On Friday, we helped Marti achieve her longtime goal of taking her lovely, young American Paint horse, Mu Mu, to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (aka Shakertown) for his first trail ride away from his home farm. I say "helped", but truly Marti needed no help. Mu was a perfect gentleman after Marti "longlined" him around the stable grounds and then out on the trail with friend Christine and her horse, True. I was truly impressed with the patience and calm that Marti showed, and loved the cute tricks that she's teaching Mu!
MB, Mirian and I headed out on our own for a while to give them time to settle in, enjoying the scenic stone walls at every turn.

Mirian and I ride Kentucky Mountain horses, and MB's awesome boy Gus is gaited as well (believed to be a Paso Fino). By the time we rejoined Marti and Christine, they were riding confidently around the grounds and we went on to enjoy a few more hours together on a perfectly splendid August afternoon.

Thanks for indulging my photo manipulations... I just bought Adobe Photo Shop Elements (having previously used freebie photo editors), and I'm having a lot of fun playing around with pictures! You can click on the photos to see them a little bit larger- do you like them? Pin It Now!

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Marti McGinnis said...

Your blog is beautiful! MuMu is honored to be a part of this latest posting. I am still walking on air from the joy of that day, and am so grateful to have been able to have you, Mirian, Sunday, Gringo, MB and The Good Ol' Boy Gus there to celebrate with us. I don't think I would have had near the courage to do that had you not so graciously allowed me to learn with your own horses on our other fabulous rides. Thanks, Lulu, from the bottom of my heart. :-)