Monday, January 12, 2009

For Sweethearts or other special people!

Today I needed to take our cria Belle to the veterinarian, one whom I hadn't seen in a while since she'd been on maternity leave. I was feeling badly that I didn't have a baby gift (I like giving baby alpaca handknit hats), but then it occurred to me that it might be nicer to give something to the new mom instead.
I had just completed this adorable knitted Sweetheart Washcloth that I saw on Susan B. Anderson's blog (she designed the pattern and you can purchase and download it there), and I wrapped it up with a nice soap and bath salts. The idea is one of many I have gotten from Susan's blog. She is such a wonderful and creative knitter with some awesome books to her credit including Itty-Bitty Hats: cute and cuddly caps to knit for babies and toddlers. She's also a mother of four and I am consistently inspired and awed by all of her neat projects and her generous spirit. There are some great tutorials on her site as well, and I have learned a lot reading her blog.

I knitted the first washcloth with yarn from my stash, including inexpensive Sugar and Cream dishcloth cotton that I bought a while ago at either Michael's or WalMart and nicer Crystal Palace cotton chenille. I thought that the crocheted edging in the chenille really set off the rest of the cloth. I haven't done crochet in years and I'm not sure I did it correctly (it's not identical to Susan's), but I liked the way it turned out nonetheless.I had to run into the store for something on my way back from the vet's, and I was awestruck by how much Valentine's merchandise was out already.... give me a break! I love LOVE, and I adore pink, red, white, hearts, flowers, ALL that mushy stuff! But.... somehow we're being waylaid yet again to buy, buy, and buy some more! I will do my best this year to keep holidays in the proper perspective, and particularly NOT to be manipulated into turning everything into a buying frenzy..... (or at least if you're going to give, TRY to make it handmade every once in a while).

Well, since I'm on a pink streak, I'm going to show another Sushi kitten photo since most enjoyed the last one so much (don't worry, Sarah, this one isn't the least bit scary!) Pin It Now!


Sara said...

Oh much better! Sushi is veerrryyy cute. I can't let Presley see this or I fear poor Twinkle would be dressed from ears to toes! :)

Marti McGinnis said...

These things are precious - not the least of which is the look on Sushi's face....