Friday, January 2, 2009

Shells on the beach

We spent the last day of our trip with my friend Donna at Sanibel Island, known as one of the Shell Capitals of the World! I have always LOVED seashells, and it was fun to experience such a great shelly beach with Mirian for the first time, as she has a collector's soul as well.
As we scoured the beach for several hours, I felt like God had left us gifts at every turn- beautiful weather, the shore birds, mom and baby dolphins that swam along the shore so close we could have swum with them, and of course the shell gems on the beach, everywhere!
Thank you, God, also for helping us find Robert who had forgotten where our meeting spot was and walked many miles of beach looking for us while we were looking for him and trying not to panic!
It's been one year this week since Paul's mother passed away, and I thought about her so much since we stayed at his parent's condo. It was nice to hear Robert share so many good memories of her, especially that she taught him to swim since that was really important to her. One of my distinct memories of our last time with her here (shown with Robert in 2003), she was relaying to me how much she wished for us to adopt a daughter. As Robert and Mirian frollicked in the pool, I felt as if she was happily watching and I know that she'd be really happy for us to have such a sweet daughter and sister! Pin It Now!

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