Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weather "Event"

I couldn't figure out why our dog Munchie kept scratching at the door at 1 AM... then I realized it wasn't him but Mother Nature trying to get my attention. She was throwing down snow, rain and sleet all at once, and it was bouncing at the patio door and windows all night long! Would you believe that it hit 60 degrees here last Friday? We always say if you don't like the weather in Kentucky, just wait a little while....Most of our animals have shelter, but the alpacas and dogs are pretty content outside. It is amazing how the ice doesn't melt on the alpaca's backs since they are so well insulated. The kids helped me feed because our helper couldn't make it on the slick roads, and Robert enjoyed sledding down the icy hills. Being the worrier I am (I take after my Mom that way), I'm preparing for the worst... a power outage like we had after the 2003 ice storm, and Paul is out of town like he was then.
It's currently raining pretty hard and icicles are forming everywhere.
Oh well, the chores are done, I've got bread rising, Mirian has just baked some of her special chocolate chip "tortillas", and Robert has a friend over. We have lots of rations, candles, and firewood. I'm finishing up some more scarves, and with lots of knitting I'm pretty content inside our warm home rather than out in this:
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Dianne said...

We managed to get everyone inside the barn tonight. The adult ewes had that same coating of ice on their backs that the alpacas do. We are solid ice here. The trip to and from the barn is treacherous. I won't be surprised if we lose power any minute (but, I sure hope we don't!).

AlpacaLindy said...

I really wish I had moved some of them to the barns, but it's too late now! We laid out lots of hay, both for them to eat but also to lay on and give them traction. Well, I suppose we're not having our knitting get-together tomorrow!???