Thursday, January 8, 2009

A funny early-morning tale

My husband and I really shouldn't talk in the morning until we're really awake.... I was telling him about how I was really bummed out to find a small carcass on the ground yesterday while feeding the adult female alpacas. He said, "yeah, I read about that on your blog." I told him I didn't write about it on my blog! He replied, "you mentioned something about a crocus." I laughed and told him that I'd mentioned that I like to see daffodils coming up. He said, "yeah, that's right, you saw a daffodil!" I told him that I just like daffodils, not that I'd seen one! I can only imagine our conversations once we really get old!

Anyway...... about that carcass! I examined it and all the while was feeling sad and racking my brain to think if one of the alpacas could have had an unseen stillbirth or, heaven forbid, birthed out in the open in the bitter weather and the cria had frozen. As I picked up the skull, the lower jaw appeared and revealed some very large canine teeth! I laughed in relief, as the carcass was most definitely not a cria but likely a raccon that our guardian dogs had captured trying to get into the feed or something! I don't figure anyone really wanted to see a picture.... Pin It Now!

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Dianne said...

Too funny! As my husband loves to quote.."What we have here is a failure to communicate" (from the movie "Cool Hand Luke"-which I have never seen, but he says it's a classic).