Friday, January 16, 2009

Wearing Alpaca!

Our farm helper gave notice last week and left two days earlier than planned, ironically leaving me to feed and do other chores on the two coldest days of the past eight years! But, no worries- I wear alpaca! Normally I get very cold feet, but my Extreme Alpaca Socks kept my toes toastie. I have heavier hats, but this one which is rather thin and lightweight kept my head as warm as can be. (Let me know if you're interested in purchasing warm alpaca clothing- I have some great specials going now!)I really shouldn't worry about the animals so much in this weather (-3 F this morning), as they are wearing alpaca, too, of course. In fact, they seemed quite happy with the frigid weather, especially when the sun came out. I take extra time to be sure that everyone is doing okay and we feed lots of extra hay. Digesting their hay is like burning a furnace and they will stay warmer as a result.A ready supply of water is critical, so I check each field's water source carefully. I did find three with frozen tanks and the water pump at our top barn wasn't working either. Flipping the breaker took care of two problems, and after calling our electrician (a very competent angel who came immediately), we identified a heating element problem in one automatic waterer. Those alpacas fortunately have another water source, and the problem will be fixed this morning.

I'm off this weekend for our annual spinning retreat, in which I get to take time to enjoy the company of friends as well as the sensation of alpaca fiber sliding through my fingers to the rhythm of the spinning wheel. Hopefully, I'll actually complete another warm garment. I feel very grateful to have such a nice group of women to enjoy this tradition with, as well as a wonderful family that understands my need for a break and the company of other people. Stay warm, everyone! Pin It Now!

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