Monday, June 29, 2009

All inspired, with no time to play!

Can someone please explain why it is that every time I go through a creative spurt full of new ideas and energy I have almost NO time to create!? We have started the long and somewhat tedious process of training a new farm helper today, I have auction deadlines and other paperwork issues looming (not to mention cleaning the house), Mirian is bored silly and needing my attention, and all of a sudden I just want to make art! Is it the long daylight hours that are giving me more inspiration (I know I'm sluggish and down during winter, so maybe this is the opposite)? Or the extra time with Marti recently (her home is a virtual museum of fun, beautiful, colorful, and completely stimulating artwork)? Going to the Francisco's Farm art fair in Midway yesterday may have had something to do with it.
Or, maybe listening to the CraftCast podcast while working in my studio?
Possibly I'm just inspired by the gorgeous alpaca felt yardage (I hand-dyed it from our own alpacas) that I just got back from the fiber mill? I have to assume it's a special combination of all of these things.
I hadn't made a felted hat since last summer, and tonight I whipped this one up like I've been making them every day.
I'm not saying that to brag, as this is extremely unusual when I've been so out of practice!
Something rather cool is going on and I hope that I can sustain it for a while and at least squeeze out a few minutes here and there to make things.
Have you discovered what brings on your creative spurts, or are you never/always full of imagination and creativity? (Please feel free to contribute some comments!)
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fiberdance said...

love your felted projects! Great colors-that hat was just-"whipped up"? wow-you manage to cram a lot of creativity into your time-are those swirly thingies coasters? Have a happy 4th!

Bionic Laura said...

Wow your felt is beautiful! Those colours are fantastic. I especially adore the hat.
It's funny that it's always when you have no time that you get great ideas. Maybe when you're busy the creative bits of your brain come up with stuff without you even noticing?

Loco Lindy said...

Wow, you both have such lovely sites! (One in Wisconsin, one in Ireland). I especially like your blog banner,fiberdance, and hope to learn some jewelry techniques from you.

Yes, the swirly things are coasters and I hope to put them in my Etsy store shortly.

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Love your hand-dyed felt! So pretty. It does always seem like the best ideas occur when time doesn't permit you to follow through. Murphy's Law? lol.

Thanks for sharing with us at Fiber Arts Friday.